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Beta & Sherco Dirt Bikes - Odes UTV

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Bonecutter Off Road, Beta, Sherco, and Odes dealership is located in central Missouri in a small town called California. This town is located just 20 minutes west of Jefferson City, the capitol of Missouri. We have been serving the dirt bike community since 2014 and happily continue to provide riders with quality dirt bikes. With a recent growth in business, we are proud to announce the expansion of your shop in the off road market by welcoming the sales and service work on Odes ATV & UTV.

Bonecutter Off Road is an official dealer of Beta & Sherco dirt bikes and Odes ATV & UTV.

We carry many OEM and aftermarket Beta & Sherco. The dealership is loaded with accessories that will help to protect your bike as well as bling to make your ride stand out. We carry parts and accessories for your Odes utility vehicle everything from spicing it up to getting ready for the farm. The entire surrounding area - Jefferson City, Jamestown, Boonville, Otterville, Eldon, Tipton, Bunceton, Versailles, Sedalia - we service all dirt bikes, ATV's and UTV's such as; Beta, Sherco, KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Gas Gas, Husqvarna, Odes, Polaris, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Can-AM, etc. 

Want to explore our dirt bike, ATV, and UTV inventory?

Our inventory page has all of our new and used units. We predominantly feature our Beta and Sherco dirt bikes along with new Odes ATV & UTV's but also have a great selection of used trade-ins as well! We have bikes for those who want to get started and bikes for those who have already ridden around the track a couple times.

Looking for a particular part?

Our online store is home to some of the best OEM and aftermarket parts. Check out our inventory to find the items that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else like Boano Beta, TM Designworks, Bullet Proof Designs, Enduro Engineering, and so much more. The part inventory grows weekly, with over 700 dirt bike universal and brand specific parts in stock. We also offer loads of used parts!

Looking for information on how to repair engines and parts?

Our tips page has tons of downloadable manuals that are sure to help you repair your off road toy. Also, be sure to check out the Blog page for Tayler's tech tips. Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more tips and videos!

From chores on the farm to playing on the trail ACCEPT the Bonecutter challenge and let us take you on your next adventure.  Beta from Italy, Sherco from France, and Odes designed and developed in the United States then sourced to China to build.  You will not find any better built products out there on the market!  Come by and check everything out to see what these product are going to provide.  You will not be sorry you gave these brands a chance!  We service all surrounding areas including, but not stopping with, Jefferson City, Jamestown, Boonville, Centertown Otterville, Eldon, Tipton, Bunceton, Versailles, Sedalia, Prairie Home, Russellville, 65101, 65109, 65081, 65018, 65046, 65074, 65023, 65053, 65050, 65025, 65068, 65026, 65011, 65084, 65064. Our service and repair department is knowledgeable and friendly and do their best to turn the job around in a timely manner.

Financing now available for Odes ATV and UTV through Road Runner Financial, Dealer Direct First Community Bank, and SeaDreams Inc. They offer great rates and terms for those with good credit scores to those with not so good credit scores. These finance companies offer instant decision so the sale can move along quickly. Financing now available for Beta and Sherco through FreedomRoad Financial. They offer great rates and terms for those with good credit scores to those with not so good credit scores. FreedomRoad Financial will even finance other dirt bike brands that we have on hand that are used. 0% Down